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Back from our Breeding exam in Slovenia – so tired, but so happy ♥I want to thank all the co owners for bringing our collies in beautiful condition and to the team of truly wonderful and understanding judges who were so friendly and gentle to the dogs! Very important, especially to those that haven’t been to any shows and that was a first experience for them. And thank you for liking them even if our youngest team left their clothes at home 😉

Our three adult ones – Neel, Mea and Gea got a breeding license for life.




Our boys Dancer and Finn are now available for approved bitches.



Our young girls Lainie, Oli, Fame, Noa and Tanna will hopefully have litters in 2022 or 2023.






All of these collies are hip tested with AA result and all are DM either free or carrier.


I visited Vrtojba shows with our youngsters Finn and Lumi and both did me so proud today! First, Lumi was bos puppy and BOB puppy and Finn was JCC and jBOB at IDS show under the honorable judge, breed specialist Lidija Okleščen.

In the afternoon, we took part of a Special show for British Sheepdog under a very nice Slovenian judge Katja Marinček with Lumi, Finn and Dancer.

Dancer left all his coat at home but he still won ex1 with a CC from an inter class.

Little Lumi rocked the ring again, showing herself like a pro for me, winning bos puppy, bob puppy and went all the way to winning ris BIS puppy in a very strong competition!

And our star of the day, Finn, did us all super proud by winning jCC, jBOB, best male, BEST OF BREED and finally ris JUNIOR BIS under another very nice Slovenian judge, Urška Medvešček.

Lumi (Windy Lands Quite Exquisite) is now FUTURE HOPE OF SLOVENIA and Finn (Windy Lands Orlando Innamorato) is JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SLOVENIA. Thank you to all three judges for giving our young collies a very nice experience in a ring, it is so important to start their show careers on a such a pleasant note. A special thanks to my dear friend Jana who stayed with me and helped me with everything during the day and to Finn’s owners Lara and Jaka for growing him into such a nice lad and for preparing him for the show!


Another wonderful show day for Windy lands team ♥

Little Lumi (WL Quite Exquisite) was shown for the first time, she was her happy, cheerful, cuddly, calm and well behaving self winning very promising, BOS baby and BOB baby ♥ I am so in love with my little sweety, it is an absolute joy showing her!

Our youngster Oli (WL Olympias) won her youth class with a JCC, junior BEST OF BREED and finished among the first 6 in the BIS ring in a big entry of young dogs of all breeds. She is now a SLOVENE JUNIOR CHAMPION ♥

Our sweet boy Dancer (Darsanian Dance to the Top at Windy Lands) won his last CC needed to fulfill the conditions of becoming a SLOVENE ADULT CHAMPION. He has finished both junior ch and adult ch in just one month, being only 15 months old and in complete summer dress! He was also BEST MALE and BOS. Dancer has finished both junior ch and adult ch in just one month, topped with various jbob, bos, best male, cacib and bob placements and also becoming an Istra Winner. Congrats to his talented breeder Sandra Cerjak! His mum Lina (Dream in Blue of the Windy Lands) opened her grand ch with a CC this weekend!

Neel’s beautifull daughter Aida (Impressive Wind of Hope at Windy Lands) was shown by her owner Aljaž and won her first adult CC.

Thank you to a very nice and friendly judge Maja Korošec and to all the co owners for all the help and a super fun company ♥


Windy Lands has a special announcement to make – after almost 7 years, we welcome a new member in our pack. She wasn’t planned to stay but I just fell in love with her. She combines the beauty of her granny Sky with bravery and openness of her mum Lani. So here is our new babygirl Lumi – Windy Lands Quite Exquisite. She was first called Kim, but since I was saving my favourite name Lumi for my next puppy, I now gave her that name 🙂

We have big plans for our beautiful happy girl and we really enjoy her company. In this sad period she gives us all a reason to smile! ♥

Here is little Lumi (4m) pictured with her granny Sky (12,5), mum Lani (6,5) and auntie Lia (9,5).


Maya – Majestic Amber Flame of the Windy Lands

13.12.2019 – 13.8.2021

Friday 13th brought you to us and Friday 13th took you away from us 😢

Maya’s co-breeder Denis Kogovšek and me are heartbroken because sweet Maya was taken from us way too early. One of the hardest experiences of being a breeder that makes you question your path and test your strength! Maya was the gentlest and sweetest of the litter and visually what I dreamt of getting from this combination of her parents, Mea and Winston. She spent first two months with Denis, so this is especially hard for him. It seemed she was destined for her new mummy Neža and her family, she felt at home with them right from a start and helped them get over the loss of their previous collie. She brought love and sunshine back into their lives. She was there by little Mia’s side, guarding her growing up and she loved their new baby boy Sven right away. She was growing up with her collie cousin Apollo, who, like all of us, is now lost without her.

Some beings are just too precious so we get to have them for only a little time..but we are all grateful we got to meet this amazing sunshine girl and got to spend some wonderful moments with her. She is now an angel, looking over her family and running free with their previous collie Gea♥Our hearts are aching for Maya’s family! They did everything they possibly could to save her and she was fighting till the last day, but nature has its own, sometimes very cruel ways. Maya died of leptospirosis 😢

Maya will live in our hearts forever ♥


Two very successful and fun days at Istra Show weekend in great company of my lovely dogs and my wonderful friends. On Friday I showed my Q litter siblings Chloe (Windy Lands Quarantine Bliss) and Caleb (Windy Lands Quest of Grandeur) for the first time, before them leaving for their new home abroad…both were so wonderful, showing beautifully for me. Happy, relaxed, playful, loving the new experience and cuddles from all of their admirers. Caleb won bos minor puppy and Chloe was a real star, winning the heart of a very nice Slovenian judge Tadej Nagode by swamping him with kisses on the entrance of the ring and winning bos minor puppy and bob minor puppy. Chloe’s new mummy was there cheering for her and I was so happy that she did so well and made us both proud!The big star of the weekend was my handsome boy Dancer (jCH Darsanian Dance to the Top at Windy Lands). I almost didn’t enter him as he is in a complete summer dress, but he won CC, CACIB and best male both days, becoming ISTRA WINNER 2021 and topping his wonderful results by winning also BEST OF BREED over a big entry of collies on Friday. Thank you to Tadej Nagode for giving him BOB and Anna Kochan for awarding him BOS. Big congrats to his breeder, Sandra Cerjak!Thank you for my wonderful friends (co owners and co breeders) for being there, supporting us and cheering for us and making this weekend even more fun ♥Congrats to the organizers for organizing such a lovely show!

L and O litters celebrating

Happy birthday to a very special litter, my L litter..they were born right here at Windy Lands so they are especially precious to me ♥ Babies of my heartgirl Lani and of the late Ben who we send kisses to in heaven!Half brothers and sister to my current Q litter and to Neo, the daddy of this year’s R litter. Happy birthday to Lainie and Lum in Slovenia, Lian in Sweden and Leo in Hungary! Leo himself is already a daddy to a beautiful litter at Darkonyx kennel!

Another litter celebrates their birthday today…our most numerous litter so far, O litter. 8 boys and one little princess ♥ Also our first all sable litter!Happy birthday to Oto, Orrie, Ossi, Othello, Finn and princess Oli in Slovenia, Odi in Austria and Charm in Norway! Can’t believe how fast this year has passed by! Hope your owners are spoiling you with some cake today:)


Back from Postojna show weekend with four new titles ♥

Oli – Windy Lands Olympias was shown in a junior class and she did wonderfully, being happy and charming in a ring despite any previous ring socialization due to Covid restrictions. She won JUNIOR CC and JUNIOR BOB.

Mea – Endless Love of the Windy Lands was shown today for the first time after her last litter and got a CC from CH class and has now become a new SLOVENIAN CHAMPION.

Fame – Darsanian Destination Fame at Windy Lands and her brother Dancer – Darsanian Dance to the Top at Windy Lands (children of our Lina – CH Dream in Blue of the Windy Lands) were both shown in junior class and both became SLOVENIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONS.

The big star of the weekend was our wonderful little prince Tristan – Tuo Principe Azzuro Dellamonade (co owned with Katarina Petrič) who was shown in minor puppy class and rocked his socks off, winning three times BOS puppy, BOB puppy, BOG puppy and twice BIS3 and once risBIS minor puppy of show. With that he has earned the title ‘NEW SLOVENE HOPE’Thank you to all the owners and friends for all the help and for the great time we spent together, despite the rain and storms:) What a wonderful come back for Windy Lands team ♥



Our PRINCE is here! And he is even more charming than we ever dared dreaming he would be!

Tristan is so very special and dear to me not only because he is visually amazing with the most wonderful sweet expression, truly perfect blue merle colour, great shape and movement for such a young age and the most loving, gentle and brave character (he came out of a van after a day trip wagging his tail and kissing us)…but also because of his very precious pedigree.
I think you all remember my special puppy was a very difficult experience and I was devastated I could never have anything after her. But then I saw this little puppy, whose grandpa is Joy’s daddy One..And when I saw his first picture at 3 weeks, my heart stopped…I knew I would do anything to get that special little jewel! He didn’t only remind me of Joy, but also of Star, another sad story in my breeding…But now that Tristan is here, that wound can finally heal!

After seeing the picture on Fabio’s wall, I contacted my friend Katarina, with whom I started my breeding adventure 12 years ago and who has been there for me through all the good and all the difficult and I am really grateful to have such an amazing friend in my life ♥ Also Katarina tried having a litter from One many years ago and has always been sorry that it wasn’t meant to be. So when I told her my wish she enthusiastically agreed to buy that puppy together and bring him to Slovenia. We are both eternally grateful to his breeder Fabio Serra and Ileana Sedda for entrusting this little gem to us! We will try to make you proud ♥

This would never have been possible without the help of two other dear friends – Denis Kogovšek and Jana Ferfolja, so a big thank you to them as well for supporting us in this crazy adventure ♥

Tristan – Tuo Principe Azzuro Dellamonade

Sire: Bermarks Quite Big (Wicani Touch of Magic x Blomlane’s Blue Beauty)
Dam: NewHit Parade Blu Dellamonade (Uno Splendido Blue di Cambiano x Contessa Nera)

Dob: 8/3/2021
co owned with Katarina Petrič, kennel Aydeen and Jana Ferfolja

N litter 1st birthday

Happy 1st birthday to our N litter – a very special litter, where both parents are Windy Lands breeding!

Co bred with Jana Močnik, Stane Močnik and Kaja Močnik.

Happy birthday to Windy Noel in Portugal, Nia in Belgium, Nash Monty in Lithuania and to Nal and Noa in Slovenia ♥♥♥♥♥


I am so excited to share a truly wonderful news with you!

Our stunning boy Neo (Flash N Thundershine of the Windy Lands), in my eyes the most beautiful blue I have ever bred, has become a daddy for the first time! The mummy is a black beauty Lina, owned by my good friend Aljaž Tratnik.

After the ultrasound a month ago we were expecting three puppies…but Lina prepared an enormous surprise for us as she delivered not 3, but !!8!! puppies! And another surprise – all 8 are boys! I never had an all-boys litter before! But they are absolutely gorgeous, 5 are little perfect blue daddy’s boys and 3 are little trikolor momma’s boys.

So my special girl Lani is now a granny for the first time ♥


Easter Bunny has been especially generous this yeas as he brough us 5 marvelous little babies this Easter ♥
Proud mummy is my heartgirl Lani (multi Ch Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands) who proved to be the most amazing mum for the third time now. She is the easiest to mate, whelp and raise puppies, she is my true treasure and I am forever thankful to have her in my life ♥
The wonderful daddy is Herceg, a truly beautiful and loving Hungarian male – Escoliar D’Oro Dinamit. I don’t like only him, but I truly admire his fantastic pedigree in which you can find the great World Youth 01′ & World winner 03′ & vice EU CH 04′ Rineweld Awantgarde at Sheewena, the handsome Ch. Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane and the superb Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnswed. Thank you dear Krisztina Laszlo for all the help and for making this mating possible despite the strick Corona lockdowns and thank you my good friend Katarina Petrič for all the help and support.
All 5 puppies were born very big and healthy and they are gaining beautifully already.


I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our most special puppy of all, our Joy, went to her new home to live with her amazing mummy Vanja. A year with Joy was the most difficult year in my breeding career, but also the most amazing…I have learn so much from her and I have received so much love from her that it made it all worth it. I will be forever grateful to Vanja for taking a really loving care of her and accepting her just the way she is. Joy has much better conditions with her that she did with me and that is why I entrusted her to Vanja, even though it was the hardest and most heartbreaking decision of my life. Joy is now a puppy sitter to all the puppies Vanja takes in (she works with a shelter AniMa – Animals Matter) I still miss her and I am very happy Vanja tells me about her, sends me pictures and lets me visit her. She also brought her on holidays with me last year ♥Joy was two years old in the beginning on February, so I also want to wish her a very happy birthday and hope she has a lot of happy, healthy years ahead of her in her super home!

East Anglian Ca Online Christmas show

Since we weren’t able to show our young hopes this year we decided to take part in East Anglian Ca Online Christmas show, mostly as they were raising money for a good cause and also because I admire the judges that were judging – Rainer Juhani Vuorinen (bitches), Tomas Rohlin (males) and John Blake (bob, bis).

The star of the show was our puppy hope Dancer (Darsanian Dance to the Top at Windy Lands), bred by Sandra Cerjak and owned by Jana Ferfolja and me. He won junior class, male puppy, best rough puppy, res best rough male, res BEST OF BREED and ended in style winning also BEST IN SHOW PUPPY and res BEST IN SHOW! Wow wow wow! That really made my day, especially because he was judged by the judges I trully admire. I can only hope he does so well at real shows! Thank you Thomas Rohlin for very lovely critiques!

Denis Kogovšek and me entered also our young hope Mai (Marked by Moonlight) and he won the mid limit dog class.

Katarina Petrič entered our Eros (Dashing Raven Knight) and he was 3rd in champion class.

We entered also the two sisters from our M litter (Winston x Mea) they both did very well, Melody – Midnight Melody of the Windy Lands was 3rd Novice Bitch and our rising star Maya – Majestic Amber Flame of the Windy Lands was 1st Junior Bitch! Melody is co-owned and co-bred by Denis Kogovšek and Maya in owned by Neža Rejc.


A few months ago I was scrolling through facebook and I came across some photos of a wonderful blue merle collie that I was sure it was my Sky. My first thought was – who came here and took these photos of my girl without me knowing? Later I realised it wasn’t Sky but it was her exact male copy! I immediately wrote to the owner VM Maria and realised the wonderful collie in the pictures was a boy called Blue Marine. I checked the pedigree and was surprised they had no immediate relatives. Very soon I was on the way to Hungary to meet this blue wonder in person and I loved also his calm and loving personality. My dream was to mix Sky’s line with this handsome boy. Denis Kogovšek came with me to see him and I warmed him up to the idea of using Blue Marine for his beauty Mea’s next litter.

Today Denis Kogovšek and me have the most wonderful news that we would like to share with you. On a very special date – 11.11. 2020, the youngest member of the Windy Lands family – little Perli joined us! Denis and I were a bit nervous for the last month, because we knew that there was only one puppy inside Mea and there was a slightly higher possibility of complications, but fortunately everything ended well and little Perli was born fast and safely. Thank you to our super vet Nina Krašna for all the support and advice along the way! Perli is a big, strong and agile girl with an incredibly beautiful blue merle colour. We were both secretly hoping Mea would be hiding a little blue copy of her great granny – my precious foundation girl Sky (A Blue Pearl) and when that actually happened, we were both on cloud nine! We knew we wanted to name the little one in Sky’s honour. So today we are introducing you Windy Lands Precious Pearl Blue – Perli.

Welcome, little Perli, in these difficult times you bring us joy and happiness ♥


3 years ago, one of my most successful litters was born – my wonderful G litter. 5 out of 6 puppies are champions (with the sixth one half way through, but sadly stopped because of Corona) and 5 out of six have had really lovely litters already! All 6 puppies are also hips tested and all have healthy hips!Thank you all the owners and co-owners for taking a wonderful care of our sweeties and to Teija Ukkola for letting me use the outstanding Stigu as their sire and Katarina Petrič for hosting Stigu in Slovenia and making this wonderful mating possible! Thank you to my dear friend Danijel for sharing a beautiful project of raising this litter with me!Prince – 2 CC Gallant Night Prince of the Windy Lands (sire of Olywn K E litter)Gea – SLOV CH Glorious Autumn Flame of the Windy Lands (dam od Windy Lands N litter)Gal – SLOVAK JCH Golden Oriental Sun of the Windy Lands (sire of Milada’s Brigh Star B litter)Amor – CROAT CH Galaxy Guardian of the Windy Lands (sire of Darsanian C litter)Gill – CROAT CH, BIH CH, JCH OF AUSTR, CROAT, CROAT JCLUB CH ’18 Glam n Gorgeous of the Windy Lands (dam of Aetherlands E litter)Gaia – SLOV JCH, SLOV CH, VICE JEW Gaia Earth Goddes of the Windy LandsHappy birthday sweeties ♥♥♥♥♥♥. Hope your owners are spoiling you today!

New addition – Lunar Lakes Primadonna

Welcome to Windy Lands, gorgeous Primadonna – Tanna ♥10 years ago, at EDS Celje, Slovenia, I spotted the most outstanding male in a rough collie junior class. He was flying in the ring with his handler, Inessa. I later learnt his name was Lunar Lakes Big Ben and he became EU JUNIOR WINNER that day! Ben is a son of one of the most beautiful blue merle Wicani dogs of all times – Wicani Dance Thru the Mist. All these times I tried to either use Ben or get some of his offsprings. And finally, here she is – a long awaited daughter of this amazing male! She has been with us for a few months now and we had first official photoshoot with her today! Tanna is a born shown star, just like her daddy!Tanna lives with my good friend Kia Seničar (owner of our Neel). She is everything I have dream of all these years, and more! Thank you Kia for being part of this dream come true and thank you Lydia and Inessa for entrusting this precious girl to us! ♥

Lunar Lakes Primadonna (Ch, Cib Lunar Lakes Big Ben x Ch Lunar Lakes Joyful Smile)

DM NN; CEA, PRA, KAT clinically free


Today is a very special day – our QUEEN Sky is celebrating her 12th birthday!12 years ago, after loosing my first collie Gaja, I was looking for a companion and a potential agility partner. I didn’t want to change the breed because collies are just irreplaceable, but I did want to change the colour, so the new puppy would mean a fresh start and help me overcome my sadness over loosing Gaja. I was lucky that there was the most perfect blue girl in Neda’s very first litter. I named her A Blue Pearl, as she was the most amazing blue colour. I didn’t plan shows and breeding and we did star with training agility, Frisbee, obedience and sheepdogs as Sky is a truly smart collie. But since she was also incredibly pretty, we tried a few shows and I was hooked:) Sky has achieved quite a few champions titles in her life and she has given me two most amazing litter, our A and B litters. She is now a mother, granny, great granny and great great granny to many wonderful collies all around the world. She still loves to catch ball and going on walks with us. She always warmly welcomes all the puppies that grow up at Windy Lands and is still a great mother to her two daughters Lia and Lani, who live with us.I am hoping there are still many healthy years in front of us! Elder dogs are so special, there is a unique sweetness and gentleness in them! I love you to the moon and back, my wonderful girl♥


O litter was our first all sable litter and our most numerous litter! During the heavy corona lockdown, we mated our Robin (H litter) to a handsome Hungarian boy Tony (Nyitramenti Yanichar Sulatan). We have 8 boys and one special girl Oli, who will hopefully be used in my breeding. Oli and boys Oto, Orrie, Ossi, Othello, Otto and Finn stayed in Slovenia, Odi went to Austria and Charm to Norway. This litter is especially special as they were raised with co owners and also with me at Windy Lands. They all have truly fabulous characters.

SIRE: CIB CH NYITRAMENTI YANICHAR SULTAN – TONY (Faust von der Deditzhöhe x CH Castle Queen’s Coco Chanel)

DAM: CLUB CH HONEY N SPICE OF THE WINDY LANDS – ROBIN (CH Blowing in the Wind Bill of Kassiopeia x Be My Spicy Dream of the Windy Lands)


Welcome to Slovenia, Fame and Dancer!

The wonderful siblings joined our kennel and we have very high hopes for them. They are children of my beloved Lina (CH Dream in Blue of the Windy Lands) and out of a superb young male Bond – Carluke Top Secret. Thank you to my dear friend Sandra Cerjak, their breeder, for letting them come to us. They will be living in co own with my good friends, not far away.


N litter is our first double Windy litter, as we mated Gea (G litter) and Eros (D litter).There are 5 beautiful puppies. All puppies have developed amazingly and all have found really loving homes. Three went abroad – Noel to Portugal (to Candida Velho, kennel Margens do Cavado), Nash to Lithuania and Nia to Belgium. Two puppies stayed in Slovenia, Nal and Noa. Noa will hopefully have Windy Lands puppies in a few years.

Thank you Gea and Eros for these 5 little treasures!


So proud of this article about our incredible little girl Joy, that is a joint work of me and Joy’s mummy Vanja Hojs. It was published today in a magazine ‘Four paws’ by Nataša Bešter. I think her story can be a true inspiration to all animal lovers and shows us that even special needs animals can bring you so much joy and happines ♥

Whole article:


Despite the difficult Corona times, we managed to visit a few shows this year and got some amazing results!
::: NDS Varaždin, Croatia
The youngest members of our Windy Lands show team, Mai (Marked my Moonlight) and Melody (Midnight Melody), had the time of their lives, meeting so many new doggies and people and getting so many compliments and cuddles! They were great in a ring, happy, playful and so beautiful! Each were BOS puppy and they both experienced the big ring, as in Croatia BOS from both genders go into the BIS ring.

::: IDS SPLIT, Croatia

Our handsome boy Neel (CH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands) won ex1 with a CC all 4 days, and best male with BOB the first day. Neel is now a Croatian champion with 6 CCS!

::: IDS Vrtojba, Slovenia

Our youngsters Mai and Melody were shown in a puppy class and behaved wonderfully for their co-owner Denis Kogovšek. Melody was res bog puppy. Big congrats!

Our handsome silver prince Neel was shown in a ch class and won ex1, CC, CACIB and BEST MALE under the respectable judge Denis Kuželj.

His daughter Aida was shown in a puppy class and won bob and BOGpuppy under the same judge. So proud of her and her young co owner Aljaž Tratnik!

The star of the show weekend was our wonderful princess Gaia (Gaia Earth Goddess of the Windy Lands) who won a CC and best female all 4 days with 3 CACIBS and one BOB. She is now a Slovenian Champion.


Our Neel was shown on Sunday winning ex1, CC, CACIB and BEST MALE. He has now finished also his Slovenian championship.

His daughter Aida was snown all three days and won a JCC and JBOB every time and is now called SLOVENIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION Aida Impressive Wind of Hope at Windy Lands.


We expects puppies from Gea and Eros in the beginning of July and puppies of Robin and Tony at the end of July. For all the info, private message me!


Our singletos Mea (E litter) and Neo (F litter) were 3 years old and our beautiful Kai’s daughter Daisy was 1 year old.

Our I litter was 2 years old – happy birthday to Inna, Iggy, izzy and Issa in Slovenia, Inis in Sweden and Iris Cassie in UK!

Our C litter celebrated their 5th birthday! Happy birthday to our Pai and her sisters Lori in Slovenia, Ria in Italy and Rhea in Switzerland!

Our D litter was 4 years old. Happy birthday to our superstars Eros and Lina, both parents to 2 wonderful litters! And also to their siblings – Coco, Naja, Lin and Star in heaven ♥


A bitter sweet day for me…my very special girl Joy left for her new home. I have spent a wonderful year with her even if it was also the hardest year of my life. It is amazing how you grow to love such a special being..she paid me back everything I’ve done for her a million times with her unconditional love! Not many people believed in her but I am so grateful for the few that have and that have supported us on this journey. I am also so thankful for the person who saw the beauty in Joy and decided to adopt her. She now lives with a young girl Vanja with a huge heart, who also has a little kitten in a wheelchair. Joy and her cat Murat connected imediately! She also has 3 small female dogs to play with and they all accepted her nicely!

I miss her terribly but I know she can be better taken care of there. She also doesn’t live too far, so I can go and visit her ♥
Joy has trully taught me to never give up in life! Such a valuable lesson and such an incredible experience.

Be happy and healthy my princess, and have the best time in your new home ♥♥♥





5 years ago, on this day, a very special litter was born. A litter that has proven to be the most important for my future breeding – my B litter. It was also the most numerous of all my litters, there were 8 puppies, 4 blues and 4 trikolors. 6 out of 8 collies from this special litter had later become parents and 4 out of 8 are champions.
Happy birthday to:
* Kai – CH Bejewelled Sky of the Windy Lands, father to 6 wonderful puppies at Olwyn K kennel, Italy
* Sid – Born Unique of the Windy Lands, enjoying his life in a loving pet home
* Neel – CH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands, our boy who has recently returned from Danemark and has just sired a truly spectacular litter of 6 gorgeous puppies at Aljaž Tratnik’s
* Lani – CH Beyond Limits of the Windy Lands – my heart girl, my dream girl, my everything, my princess who lives at home with me. She has given me 5 fantastic puppies in 2 liters, our F and L litters ♥
* Tara – jCH Black Swan of the Windy Lands, the mum of our fabulous G litter and the granny to their son’s Prince and Amor’s babies
* Sia – Black Pearl of the Windy Land, the mum of our very special babygirl Joy from the J litter
* Dream – Be My Spicy Dream of the Windy Lands, the mum of the 7 sweethearts from our H litter
* Natti – Beauty in Motion, who also lives in a wonderful pet home.

B litter of the Windy Lands 5 years old



Joy is slowly, but steadyily progressing, getting up more and more and improving on her balance. With the help of some truly amazing people who have been donating some funds to us, we can now continue with her treatments. Even though she is a special need puppy, she is quite easy to live with and she is so happy, loving and cuddly. She has brough so much sunshine into our lives. She is an amazing little dog, so grateful for all the help and so ful of love. She loves people and other dogs. She is housebroken. She loves her food and to learn some little tricks.

Article about Joy:




Neel had a date with a very sweet young girl Lina (Until You love me of the Holy Mountain) and the result are 3 beautiful trikolors (2 boys and one girl) and 3 oustanding blue merles (2 girls and 1 boy).



On a very special date, Friday 13th, under the Ful Moon, our Magical M litter was born. Mea and Winston gave us 6 gorgeous puppies, 5 girls and one boy. One girl was sadly stuck in a birth canal for too long and didn’t make it. Sleep tight, our little Maggie ♥ But the rest of the gang and mum Mea are doing great. Mea is a wonderful, attentive and loving mum and their co owner Denis is a wonderful first time breeder.

CIB, CH, World Junior Winner 2014 WINSTON Magiczny Szkot x CH, jCH Endless Love of the Windy Lands


14.11. 2019

I would like to introduce you the first daughter of our Amor – CH Galaxy Guardian of the Windy Lands.
Darsanian Cherry Blossom – Nala ❤
Sadly, she is the only survivor of this litter, but she is even more precious and such a beautiful puppy – have always loved baizes!
Congrats to her breeder Sandra Cerjak and sorry for the difficult experience! May little Nala now bring you a lot of happiness and joy!

CROAT CH Galaxy Guardian of the Windy Lands – Amor, owned by Dorijan and living in Croatia.

Amor is
cea1/pra/kat free,
mdr +/+,
breeding exam : excellent


With Lian leaving today, our little ‘L litter’ adventure ended. It was such a wonderful period of my life, raising these puppies. All 4 puppies – Lum, Leo, Lian and Lainie are so special to me, being the children of my heart girl Lani, and she really loved them too, playing with them like she was one of them:) Lainie and Lian had been with me the longest, so I got truly attached to them. I will visit my sweety Lainie as much possible, but Lian went to a faraway Sweden to live with Mia Hansson. It was so hard letting him go, but I know he will be loved, adored and spoiled by his new mummy and his big collie brother Kevin ♥ He is already in his new home and Mia tells me he is a brave, happy and relaxed puppy 🙂 I would like to thank my dear friend Kia Senicar for taking him there, she really made sure he was comfortable the whole way and he came out of the box with a wagging tail ♥

Even if I am exhausted – raising this litter with addition of Enya for a little while and Joy, who takes quite a lot of my time, I miss them terribly and the house feels so empty now. Lani is totally lost as well, searching for them…and Joy is crying for her playmate. We will need a while to adjust to a new rhytm. But beautiful memories will stay with us forever and I will surely visit all of them as much as I can.

Be happy, my little pearls, and thank you for these wonderful months together ♥


I am thrilled to announce that our M litter is on its way! The pregnancy of our young girl Mea – CH Endless Love of the Windy Lands has been confirmed and we are beyond happy as this mating was one crazy ride – literally!
Mea’s co-owner Denis Kogovšek and me have been admiring Winston for years and we both felt he would complete our sweet girl wonderfully. Since he lives so far away (1500 km), we planned to import chilled semen. But Mea had other plans – it seems she was determined to meet the handsome boy in person. She was ready to be mated on Sunday and no courier was willing to deliver us semen over the weekend. So Mea left Denis no choice but to sit in a car (I have to mention here that he was sick with high fever that weekend!) and take a looong ride towards Poland (I wasn’t able to go as I had a house ful of puppies at home). But this would never be possible if it weren’t for Winny’s amazing owner Gabriela Grubba who did everything in her power to help us! Gabriela, we will be forever grateful for your help and hope someday we can repay you for everything you did!
Denis, me and Gabriela can’t wait to see what Mea is hiding. We shall meet the little ones in about one month time. This litter will be born at Denis’s under my supervision and mentorship.

WINSTON: INCH. World Junior Winner 2014,WINSTON Magiczny Szkot
PRA-N/N Non-affected
Sire: CIB, MULTI CH Mercury Van M
Dam: CIB Grace Wir Coll

World Junior Winner 2014
Junior Club Winner 2014
Club Winner Switzerland 2015
Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
Grand Champion Pl
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Bulgaria
Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Balkan Champion
Nominacja na Crufts 2017
Nominacja na Crufts 2018
20 x BOB, BOG IV, 2x BOG III, 2x BOG II, 2x BOG,
3xRes Cacib, 15xCacib, 1x Best in Show,
Best in Show IV

MEA:CH, jCH Endless Love of the Windy Lands


MDR +/-
Hips AA

Dam: Mei – SLO jCH, SLO CH, CRO CH A Sweet Lullaby of the Windy Lands (Ch Essanjay Encore x Ch A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain)
Sire: Shiro – CIB, CH, jCH Marvalan The Rainmaker (Ch Wicani Leading Light x Ch Wicani Lights of Amethyst).



Can’t believe our G litter is already 2 years old! I honestly feel like they were born just a few months ago! But they are already all grown up and some of them are or are going to be parents themselves soon!
This really is my most successful litter so far! A little before they were born, their mum Tara’s co-owner checked ‘the cards’ and they told him – Tara won’t have many puppies in her life (she only had that one litter), but those she will have will be of superb quality. And he was right! All 6 puppies are in breeding homes, 3 of them are champions, 2 are junior champions and one is half way through towards his championship. Our golden star Gaia is also vice junior Euro winner and her sister, our princess Gill is multi junior ch, multi ch, cro club winner ’18 and already has quite a few cacibs and bobs under her hat. All 6 also have healthy hips.
Happy birthday, my dear babies, I am so happy I get to see most of you often as you don’t live too far! Hope your owners are spoiling you rotten for your birthday:)



It was a very special day, 11 years ago…On this day, my most wonderful Blue Pearl Sky was born! I had been waiting her for months and I was thrilled when I received the news. On one way, it seems like yesterday, on another, it seems like a lifetime away. We have achieved so much in these last 11 years. Sky has competed in agility, trained Frisbee and sheepdogs, got me into the world of shows and breeding. Even tough preferring sports to shows, she has achieved quite a few CH titles and important wins. She was the most wonderful mother to two special litters, my first two ever litters (A and B). She is a granny to my C, E, F, G, H, J, L litters and great granny to out I litter.
She is still happy and healthy, loves going on walks and hikes with us and enjoys playing with her ball and Frisbee. She was a late bloomer, but look at her at 11 years – a True Beauty! She is also a super grandma to our puppies, guarding them and protecting them, loving them and teaching them manners.
Sky, you have changed my life for better. Hope I can make you happy for many more healthy years!

Happy birthday to her brothers Dreamy, Zorro and Osty and sister Toffee and sending love to her amazing sister Glory in heaven ♥

CH, Veteran CH A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain


Back from the Derby Winner Celje (Slovenia) weekend of shows. Really exhausted as I was driving back home everyday to take care of my pups..but I spent a really lovely time with some of my dear friends and our collie owners.
Even if it was such a long and at times stressful weekend, my girls did their best and made me so happy with their achievements! Our Robin – Honey n Spice of the Windy Lands won the Club winner title at the special show under a very nice and friendly judge Tadej Nagode. I really appeciated such nice and gentle (towards the dogs) judging! Our golden beauty Gea – Glorious Autumn Flame of the Windy Lands finished her Slovenian championship title with 4 cc!
I am especially proud of them because these girls live as pets at my friends and they are not shown much, so not really used to the show ring and not as trained and other show dogs. I also do all the grooming and handling myself, so these results are the fruit of honest and hard work.
Thank you to all my friends for all the support during the weekend ♥

GAIA passing the CAE1 behaviour test in Italy

Our super star Gaia – jCH Gaia Earth Godess of the Windy Lands passed the CAE1 behaviour test with flying colours, she got 100 out of 100 points:) Bog congrats to her owner Alberto Celestini and thank you for testing. She is a realy dream – beautiful, healthy and with amazing character ♥

Gaia Earth Goddess of the Windy Lands
(Multi Ch. In.Ch. Skabona Oriental Style x J.Ch. Black Swan of the Windy Lands)

Mdr1 +/-


Sucessful show weekend for Windy Lands collies!
Let’s start with our big show star CH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands – our wonderful silver jewel Neel. He had a very busy weekend!
First he went with Mark Peter Zoran and Leja Šinkovec to a faraway Mostar (Bosnia) where he won 3x CC 2x CACIB and 1x BEST OF BREED under the judges Vojislav Al Daghistani, Denis Kuzelj and Zdravko Pranić Brižankić! He did not only finish his Bosnian championship, but also opened his Bosnian grand championship (needs just one last CC for that!) Thank you so much Mark for showing him for us (as I have to stay home with my puppies).You are such an amazing and dear friend to me and I am so grateful I can always count on you!
Today I showed him at NDS Opatija, Croatia and he won his 2nd Croatian CC under the Slovenian judge Maja Sušec.
In between all these shows, he even found time to squeeze in a hot date with a very nice young lady ♥ So we are hoping for some mini-Neels in 2 months time!:)

Our big star of the weekend was the gorgeous Gill – who I chose just the perfect name for – Glam N Gorgeous of the Windy Lands:)
Gill finished her second adult title in Mostar – CH BiH! She won 3CCs, 2 CACIBs, 2 BOBs and made us extremely proud by winning also BEST OF GROUP #2 and BEST OF GROUP #3 in quality competition. Way to go, Gill and Mark, you once again proved what an amazing team you are!

Here she is, in all her glory at 23 months, pictured by her owner Mark Peter Zoran 😍

Also Gills’ brother, the handsome and sweet boy Amor – CH Galaxy Guardian of the Windy Lands, whose pet name truly describes his sweet character well, was shown at NDS Opatija (Croatia), and despite dropping all his coat, won his last CC to finish his CROATIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!! Thank you to the very nice Slovenian judge Maja Susec. He is the 4th of the 6 siblings to finish a championship and the other 2 are on their way as well. What a litter that is proving to be (Stigu x Tara).

Amor had a date with a very nice girl a few weeks ago as well and we are patiently waiting to see if we were successful:)

Welcome to Slovenia, little ENYA ♥

We welcome to Slovenia the new member of our Windy Lands family – coming from Italy is little Enya – Olwyn K Exquisite Caprice for Windy Lands ♥

I have been admiring her stunning mum Crystal – cib, ch Runnerway I Am Aqua (Ch. Milas Ashes And Snow x Ch. Sammen’s Queen Of Clubs) ever since I saw her on a show many years ago and that day I said to myself: ‘One day I want her puppy’. When her owner Lada Kostioutchenko contacted me about using our Prince – Gallant Night Prince of the Windy Lands (cib, ch Skabona Oriental Style x jch Black Swan of the Windy Lands) , I was thrilled! Crystal spent 2 weeks with me and I got to know her wonderful nature, she is so calm, loving and has a bomb proof temperament. I was praying that the mating was successful! And when the ultrasound confirmed it, I told Lada I would like a triko daughter and she agreed ♥

So here she is, this little precious girl Enya, so much like her mum in character and body shape with a touch of her dad in her eyes – a perfect mix of both!

She lives with a wonderful family nearby, so hopefully I will get to see her often and we will have a litter with her in a few years!



Four little treasures born at Windy Lands…our long awaited L litter! Thank you sweet, handsome Ben for leaving these little miracles behind, your spirit will live in them forever ♥

Thank you also to my heartgirl Lani, who brough sunshine back at Windy Lands and after a long and dark period put a smile on my face again! Lani is not only perfect in a show ring and a super life companion, but also the most amazing and caring mum ♥

Thank you Andreja Velepec for letting me use your special boy, may he run freely and happily over the rainbow ♥ And thank you my dear friend Katarina for this lovely montage, you made magic once again!

Here there are, two tricolour boys, one blue boy and one tri girl ♥♥♥♥ A small litter, but extra precious:) 

More pictures:


Neel – JCH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands attended his first show in Slovenia at NDS Trbovlje and impressed the judge with his amazing colour, wonderful expression and brave and friendly nature and won ex1, CC and BEST MALE!

Gea – Glorious Autumn Flame of the Windy Lands was shown in Slovenia for the first time too and was ex1, CC, BEST FEMALE and finally BEST OF BREED!

Gea’s brother Gal – jCH Golden Oriental Style of the Windy Lands was show in Poland and was ex1, CC, CACIB and BEST MALE. Later he was shown in Luxemburg and was ex1 and CC.


JCH Born to Impress of the Windy Lands – the outstanding Neel is back at Windy Lands ♥

Neel is
1 CC away from being Danish adult CH

HIPS AA (officially tested in Slovenia)
MDR1 +/-

CEA1/PRA& KAT free

DOB: 23.2.2015
ful dentition
height: 60 cm

Neel is out of my foundation girl Sky (CH A Blue Pearl of the Holy Mountain) and the wonderful Polish boy Jett (CH Hot N Spicy of the Holy Mountain)

Neel is now available to approved girls. Pm me for details!


We took her to the seaside where she loved to swim!

She is becoming a little lady!



A truly wonderful litter born in Italy out of Crystal – CIB MULTI CH Runnerway I Am Aqua and our young boy Prince – Gallant Night Prince of the Windy Lands (2CC). I am so honoured their breeder Lada Kostioutchenko chose our handsome boy for her stunning Crystal. Crystal is not just visually amazing but also has the most wonderful, brave, loving nature. There are 3 blue girls, 1 blue boy, 1 tri girl and 2 tri boys. Big congrats and many kisses to the mum and little ones!

Welcome to Slovenia Max ♥

(C.I.B, CH Dashing Raven Knight of the Windy Lands x Uait Sibod Vivian Moonlace)

♥ New member of our Windy Lands family ♥

Max is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable puppy boy and a true son of his wonderful parents ♥ When I first saw his mum Eira a few years ago at my friend Katalin I knew I want her puppy someday. And when her fiancee became our handsome boy Eros, I was even more convinced I want a baby from this litter. 
Thank you so so much, my dear friend Katalin Tóth, for letting him come to Windy Lands! Max now lives with my good friend Katja at the Slovenian coast and will be show by me, starting next year. We are all thrilled by the arrival of this super boy (and his sister Senna, who lives with Katarina Petrič and her Aydeen collies) ♥


Great news about Jack – CH Hit the Road Jack of the Windy Lands. His hips are excellent AA and he passed his obedience ISP-A exam with 97% score!

Big congrats to his owners, family Zoran!

Jack is available at stud to select girls. His breeding grade is the higest ‘A’ one. For more info, contact Mark Peter Zoran!

Jack is also IPD N/N

(c) Mark Peter Zoran


First litter was born at AFTERHERO (Hungary). There were 5 puppies, but due to complications at c-section, only 2 survived. Proud mum is Eira – Uait Sibod Vivian Moonlace.

His second litter was born at ANDROMA (Slovenia) kennel. Their mum is Iona – CH Androma Picadilly Blue Rose.